10 February 2023
Select Committee on Access to Urinary Tract Infection Treatment

1 March 2022
Community Affairs References Committee - Oral Submission

State Election Statement

The State Elections of 2022 brought Labour into power under Minister Malinauskas. Health reform was the main focus of their political platform and Minister Chris Picton was appointed the new Health Minister. RDASA has welcomed the new Minister and have met on a number of occasions. We feel optimistic that the Rural Generalist Pathway will be paved in the following years however, we remain vigilant in our endeavour to see workforce reform and rural attraction. 

28 October 2022
Select Committee on Health Services in South Australia 

31 January 2019
Select Committee on Health Services in South Australia

1 February 2019
Select Committee on the Matters Relating to SA Pathology and SA Medical Imaging